About Us

About Us

Seovic Civil Engineering is a Sydney based construction company specializing in concrete pavements, concrete barriers, diamond grinding and grooving. We have pioneered the slipforming and Diamond Grinding  processes in Australia.

Our company has been in operation over thirty years and has developed a reputation for successfully delivering challenging projects in a safe manner and enabling solutions to be developed and implemented. We specialize in integrated design and construction outcomes that drive value for money for our clients across our various sectors of work.

A Considerable amount of our work relates to heavy duty highway concrete pavements (both reinforced and unreinforced) and barrier walls for government clients such as the Roads and Maritime Services where high quality and safety standards are required.

Seovic has successfully demonstrated willingness to undertake a wide ranging project scope. This includes airport projects, defence force and mining contracts under strict control guidelines and program constraints.

Accreditation and Pre-Qualification

We have a dedicated team of engineers, technical support staff and facilities which are critical in the success of this business. Seovic is an ISO9001 Quality Endorsed Company, registered with the Department of Mineral Resources, with a class A workshop facility rating.

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With vast experience and knowledge, only Seovic can ensure that the most demanding specifications and tolerances are met. We can perform works anywhere at any time, day or night. This commitment has seen Seovic accomplish construction work all around Australia and overseas, and has enabled us to be pre-qualified with the Roads and Maritime Services – formerly the RTA – for concrete construction (K10) and road works (R5).

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