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Diamond Grinding

What is Diamond Grinding?

Diamond Grinding is a cost effective and alternative method to restore deteriorated and out of specification concrete or asphalt pavements surfaces. It involves the removal of a layer of hardened concrete using diamond blades.

The resultant effect of the grinding process is a smooth, level pavement surface with a longitudinal texture creating desirable friction and low noise characteristics. Diamond grinding is frequently performed in conjunction with other techniques such as full depth slap replacements, joint resealing and various thin pavement overlay removals.

Key Benefits:

– Increased pavement life
– Concrete pavements may be re-ground
– Enhances surface texture and friction thus improving safety
– Noise reduction over existing pavement
– More cost effective than alternatives including asphalt overlays
– Environmentally friendly
– Constructed during peak or off-peak hours
– Blends surface irregularities into a consistent, identical surface
– Can be applied only where required
– Environmentally friendly water/slurry recycling unit

Types of Grinding:

1. Conventional Diamond Grinding (CDG)
2. Grooving
– Runway safety grooving
– Next Generation Concrete Surfaces (NGCS)
3. Low Noise Diamond Grinding (LNDG)

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